VR Training System

From PDF to 3DF


Virtual Training with Fusion reduces time to train or support while increasing procedure retention for your employees and customers.

Training on a Whole New Level


Our 3D Interactive applications are specifically tailored for Operation & Maintenance (O&M) training – for Equipment, Machinery, Devices, Facilities, Aircraft and Vehicles.

Lower Training Costs

Reduce the travel costs, facility expense, and instructor fees associated with live training. Save on Subject Matter Expert (SME) travel and equipment shipment costs to and from each location. Train distributed workforces to perform complex tasks with less risk to staff or equipment – Anytime, Anywhere on WEB, PC, MOBILE, AR & VR.

Types Of Training

We equip your team with ‘ready to use‘ user-friendly training Apps to train as:


  • Familiarization – Theory of operation, System Overview, Explore parts & components, Explain workings.

  • Procedural – Step by step guidance, Assembly &   Dis-assembly, Removal & Installation. 

  • Troubleshooting – Advance options tree and branches.

  • Checklist – Real-time guidance in the field.

Accelerated Engagment

3D interactivity turns passive observers into active, hands-on participants! Information is displayed as interactive 3D content mirroring the real world in both ‘form’ and ‘function’. Simply put, VTS will make training look and feel like the real thing.

Beyond just step-by-step instruction, we develop realistic immersive scenarios as they can occur in real life. Multiple modes of instruction – Guide , Practice, and Troubleshoot/Test.

Cross platform

Relieve your workforce from the extensive travel, aligning schedules and machine downtime. VTS together with SupportAR allows service engineers and operators to access visual instruction and live guidance – 24 hours a day anywhere and media including:

1. Laptop/PCs.
2. Mobile & Tablet devices.
3. Web browsers.
4. Augmented Reality based Hardware.

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