LLS was founded in 2013 as a leading developer of simulators, training software and Interactive learning tools. Using high-end 3D technology, LLS creates comprehensive training and learning environments that allow professionals to improve their skills in an easy, efficient and cost effective way.


 LLS has successfully created  training applications for leading defense industry clients, including IAI , ELBIT Systems ,IMI and more. Our company also has several leading cutting- edge technology clients inlcuding HP, Amdocs, Landa and Lumus.


Meet Our Team

Itzhak Pichadze 
Yoni Veinberg
VP Creative
Yoni Veinberg
VP Creative

Itzhak (Yitz-hak) is an experienced technologist with vast experience in AR/VR content creation and advanced simulations.
As one of earliest developers of AR content in the globe, Itzhak and his team leveraged their deep expertise in 3D modeling and texturing to bring applications and content to life in Augmented and Virtual Reality. 

Yoni has more than 25 years of 3D modelling experience specializing in the gaming and defense industries. Yoni is an expert in leading 3D modelling and texturing teams that brings his passion to all of the firms projects.

David Goldman 
Roi Zamir 

David has more than 18 years of marketing and branding experience working with some of the best known, innovative companies in the world including eBay and Google. More recently David functioned as the VP marketing for  Lumus, the premier augmented reality optics company in the world.

Roi brings over 18 years of knowledge and hands-on experience in the training and simulation world.
As an officer in the Israeli Air Force (IAF), Roi was selected to establish and command on the technical teams catering to simulation facilities of the most prestigious units in the Israeli Defense Forces. 
In 2009, Roi joined Elbit Systems Ltd. (ESL) and founded a world-leading Services unit within its Training and Simulation Division. 

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